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Frequently Asked Questions

The assembly cost is $1000.00. This fee is all-inclusive for total package: multiple speakers, audio / visual gear, and travel expenses. We like it simple.

We have access to donors in the business arenas that can help supplement your payment. We will never let money stop us from speaking to students.

We like to spend a solid hour with the student body. However, we know that school schedules can be tight, so we are flexible with times and will fit our program into the time slots available.

Yes. Once again, we are here to help the schools and not cause a problem. We will do whatever is easiest for the administration. One assembly or two assemblies is no big deal. We are flexible.

It is high energy, fast paced, and in your face multimedia presentation to students about issues they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Everything changes every five minutes. Presenters are only allowed five minutes to communicate their topic, transitioning to videos in between each topic. There is loud, relevant music, dance routines, and lots of crowd participation.

Yes. Each assembly has two or three professional speakers that communicate regularly to students across Texas. The speakers change based on geography and demographics of the schools. We choose our speakers based on the needs of the school.

No. The Seven at School assemblies are strictly character based, focusing on issues like integrity, honesty, choices, positive peer pressure, abstinence, bullying, and drugs. Each presenter uses lots of humor, personal stories, and statistics from creditable sources to challenge students to be better and live better.

Belton ISD, Dallas ISD, Ft. Worth ISD, Ferris ISD, Northwest ISD, Midlothian ISD, Terrell ISD, Vernon ISD, Irving ISD, Whitehouse ISD, Garland ISD, Quinlan ISD, Boyd ISD, Wylie ISD


Hear what principals from across Texas have said about Seven at Schools


The Seven at Schools is a customized, multimedia event for America’s schools. Below are recommendation letters from past schools and the Seven at Schools promotional video.


Frank Seale Middle School Recommendation Letter (35.6 KiB)
Lake Belton Middle School Recommendation Letter (120.9 KiB)
The Seven at School Guide (493.6 KiB)
Seven at Schools Video (83.2 MiB)
Seven at Schools Video 2 (44.3 MiB)
Seven at Schools Flyer (1.7 MiB)



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